Thanks again for the help. I guess it'll be a couple of weeks before i have the s900 to try out as well. I gotta give the music store credit for letting me try out new machines for that long. A couple of weeks ago they let me have a Motif XS to try. I quickly found out why it was called a "work station" Way too much programming for me to change it from a dance\rap\techno machine to classic rock and blues. I also tried a fantom G in the store and found the same thing. With the Motif, I also thought the organs sucked and it only let you use 4 instruments in performance mode(styles) So it looks like arrangers are the only option for musicians 50+ that want to play live.

I tried recording the pa organ today and I must say it sounded better to me in the mixthan my Hammond L100 with Leslie( the fact i dončt have to mic it and pick up mechanical noise making the difference to my ears.

A couple of other questions for Suki or another pa800 owner.

Do the pa800 fills sound louder than the main drum parts to you and can the fills be changed.

Is there away of doing a break where the drums also stop for say a measure

Thanks for any advice Don