Hi Don,
I have a PA800 and a PSR1500 ( previous model to the PsrS700).
Quite frankly, since buying the PA800, both my PSR1500 & Ketron SD1+ all but sit in the corner unused.

There is no doubt the psr's have an infinately greater range of 3rd party user styles available. I downloaded 100's if not 1,000's of free styles. Spent most of my time auditioning stuff I'd never have a use for.

Managed to also find some Korg 3rd party styles ( mainly from a prior Korg model).

I convert or make up some of my own styles using the Korg's copy functions ie copying tracks from existing or converted styles to create new styles.. The style editing & creation functions are brilliant on the korg, ( especially guitar mode function) but it's quite a learning curve if you want to create styles from scratch.

If you just want to copy internal style tracks, that's a lot easier, but you have to basically like what's available in the first place.

Also make sure that the Korg you're trialling has the latest operating system 1.60 or at least has vers 1.51.
If it's an earlier operating system , you're not hearing it at it's best.

best wishes

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best wishes
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