Please accept my apologies. Sorry that you took it to heart.

For anyone seeking to check out the PA800:

- "The fills and intros stick out like a sore thumb" - not true, they are balanced, amazingly creative and sound fabulous in live play. There are many creative things one can do with the fills, intros, endings, etc that are not possible on other boards. I hear every instrument through my stereo setup - like no other board before has offered.

- "Only a handful of styles sound good" - not true, I've not used ONE 3rd party style to date and the onboard styles can cover any genre your seek. These styles are simply amazing.

- "Shame to be called a keyboard" - ??????????????????????

- Let's not forget the Songbook and harmonizer.

I have no idea why I get so upset when someone bashes the 800. I should be happy that I (and a few others) enjoy this blue marvel (it really is folks) and have a DIFFERENT act than anyone else on circuit. It has landed tons more jobs and the reception is overwhelming. It's not for everyone. It takes work and a creative mind to put forth the results it's capable of. I am different too that I play live arranger style only (I even canceled a recent DJ job - no fun) and am forced to tame this beast on a daily basis. When faced with that situation, you explore new horizons - something I didn't do the first time around.

So, mine is better than yours - I fell into the trap. But I will not sit back and let prospective owners read one sided reviews about such a unique product.

and do the same thing when someone bashes your beloved G70 (you've done it to me) - so chill out.

My 2 cents.
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