Hi Don,

I think your analysis is right on. Here's my spin:


- great usable styles and sounds
- third party support unsurpassed
- good writing tool
- easy navigation on things you want to do
- 700 is close, no color screen and fewer styles


- styles more authentic and mind-boggling
- fabulous enough sounds
- harmonizer is UNBELIEVABLE
- drums more authentic
- organ much better
- songbook is unsurpassed for live play
- limited 3rd party styles
- fills, endings, intros unsurpassed
- pads more realistic
- keybed is much better

I had the 900 live and thought I'd never part. I took a chance on the 800 and there is NO turning back. It is the best thing to ever happen to my performances. I use all the styles tailored to what I do - I make them work and that's make me different.

Good luck,

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