Thanks for the replies.

I am concerned with being able to get more styles, whether I can do more than reconfigure existing ones is doubtful given my programming abilities.

I did find the songbook and it seems to be great for some songs. How hard is it to get or make more?

So far, I'm really impressed with organs, drums, bass, electic guitars, and I'm sure many more. A bit disappointed in the pianos perhaps, but I'm used to an 88 key.

It's great to have backing accompianments to play with. I'm kinda used to being a one man show now and some of my songs cannot be represented well with just acoustic guitar or a piano.

In my studio, I'm at the point where I'm downsizing and getting rid of my Hammond and Leslie, so organ for recording is pretty important to me.

The deciding factor in the keyboards may be style and song availability. I really liked the whole yamaha R&B section.

The other thing I was wondering, is there the choice of having a second lead set up in the yamaha and not the korg for a song or style i.e. organ then switch to electric guitar with a button ? Thanks again