some the fills can sound a bit louder than what one would like. You can actually overwrite an original style with edits, but not a good idea. Korg actually update the operating systems and resource files
( styles /sounds) once in a while. If you then upgrade the resources, you wipe out your edits. Safer to just save them as a favourites or user style.
Our last big upgrade ( free)
( 1.51os/1.50 resources) gave us Guitar Mode amongst other functions, & some new guitar sounds & they updated 40 styles to include guitar mode tracks.
We're waiting on the next big upgrade at the moment. No idea quite when or what we'll be getting..

Possibly 2 ways of doing it.
In record mode you could alter the velocity of the fill tracks ie lower it by
-10% or whatever. Or you could also try lowering expression ( again in edit mode) for each of the fill tracks. Sounds complicated , it's not.

The only time you can't use the expression option is, if the style part you're editing has fade ins or fade outs. There's a monitor that shows if a track has expression controllers in it.
After you've edited the style you save it to a user or favourites slot.

You could edit the break in whatever way you want.
You're also not stuck with 1 measure fills or breaks.

The styles are fully editible in the Korg itself using note event list editing.

Yamaha's onboard styles you can only edit the drums & percussion using the event list editor. Further note editing needs to be done using software.

You can also edit Korg styles in a pc sequencer if necessary by importing & exporting individual style parts ( ie intro's , variations etc) as type 0 midifiles.

Keep in mind the Korg also has an onboard sampler. The only thing I've done with it thus far is create s a few drum grooves.
ie some brush swish pads.
They're time sliced looping drum wav files that play in sync with styles & can also be used for pads.
I just use them to enhance some of the jazz styles.
I prefer not to load & unload these files, can get a bit messy if one isn't quite sure of what they're doing.
This function & sound editing is not mentioned in the main manual, it's a seperate manual on the disk that comes with the PA800.

best wishes

Originally posted by don adams:

Do the pa800 fills sound louder than the main drum parts to you and can the fills be changed.

Is there away of doing a break where the drums also stop for say a measure

Thanks for any advice Don[/B]

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