Trying to decide on which arranger to buy. I tried out a pa800 and a s700 and they let me take the pa800 on trial until they get an s900.

Some great features in both but I'm leaning towards the s9oo right now.

I like the onboard styles better on the yamaha especially R&B and it seems easier to take parts out etc. It seems like it would be easier to find new styles and to connect to the internet also. Then there is the price difference ($1000) between pa800 and s900.

On the other hand I quickly got to like the touch screen on the korg and I think the organs and probably drums are better overall. Haven't tried the vocalizer yet

My questions to members. Is the s900 even better sound and style wise than the 700?

Which one is easiest to create styles on?

I'm a singer songwriter playing ballads, blues, soul, gospel, rock, jazz and some country. In most cases I would need different styles specific to my songs. I would also be using it to play oldies type stuff from the 60's and 70's

Thanks for any input Don Adams