what give to stolen in my OS that is full linux open source??
they con download the source of the all application installed where they like.
IF also they can have the possibility to acess of the mediastation OS code, they will be scared after found aboot 560.000 lines of C++, LUA and QT code. ( is about half MS Windows 3.1 OS code, that we have developed in less 4 years)
IF then they are able to "dongle" one MS hardware, need some years.. ( and IF they are able to produce VGA Cards, or they can ask me to resell my unique worldwide LVDS VGA card for industrial products) remain the fact that they have to rewrite and porting the 95% of they embedded firmware, NOT compatible at all under Linux.
Then, 3th..they have to setup a totally new Linux developer team that have know how about audio-midi..mean another 4-6 years...
after 4+6 years how much new code and feature can have the mediastation? mean that they have to restart again untill they can compete with my OS?

Look at the are about 3 years with one prototipe that still is not working for the basic features and still they are glue with the old 10 years Dream dated and limited chipset.
Starting to produce a new generation keyboard with 10 years old DSP chipset that can NOT match with the power of one PC system is a totally suicide...
I give they 1 year life of this keyboard when is released and then they have to remake the all hardware again.

Not enough?
look at the OASYS, one open ( close) system that you are not able to upgrade the 5 years old mainboard, the display is only 640x40 so slow that alsa can never open one standard 800x600 page.
16 bit audio card with the audio controlled by analog slider...
really a BIG software developement in one dated hardware system...all the hardware keyboard have to be project again.
it mean another 3-4 years...

anyway..welcome if someone can entry in the PC X86 field and open source, then finally we can share some OS together..


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