Well the big problem with sofware development is that its so complex nowerdays, that it would take years for a development team to find all the bugs...

Commerciall software development teams like microsoft have hundred thousands of beta testers and they even can't create bug free software at release.

Now companies like Lionstracs and Korg that actually make arrangers based on software running on dedicated hardware and they have no beta testers at all, just the development team. So it will take them much longer to figure out the problems..

Seems like Ketron is currently having a hard time developing the Audya (which is also a software based system)

I give all credit to Lionstracs for trying to fix this with such a small team, and if they can pull of a working Q-ranger they have made another step towards the top.

For now, i'll keep struggling with my own hardware and i'll probably need to buy another soundcard to get anything done on Linux as creative labs has the worst driver support in all the world, They just added reasonable low lattency asio support for vista last month and there are no drivers for Linux at all, just some beta drivers that don't work to good on the latest 32 bit kernels... And the OSS drivers are no option because they lack most of the needed interfacing for JACK and such.

Yes i truly understand the struggle of developing a software instrument.
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