Roland G-70 with 1 gig Compact flash cards..

MediaStation X-76..

EMU Xstand61 controller..


Native Instruments Bandstand, Kontakt3, Kore2, B4,FM8,Massive,

Acoustica MixCraft4..

Proteus X2..

Roland Hyper canvas, Super Quartet, VSCDXI,Orchestral..

Sony Acid Pro..

Cakewalk Sonar..


Band in the Box..

Ableton Live5


HP Pentium4 3.06 desktop, with 4 gigs ram..twin 250 gig drives..17"flat screen monitor..

Assorted SCSI drives..Zip drives and Jazz drives..

Compaq pentiun4 laptop 2.8...loaded..

2 Apex stands with mic booms..

Ultimate Support V Stand with shelf and mic Boom..

Mackie CFX12 mixer..

Pair Yorkville NX520p's

Yorkville 700 watt Subwoofer..

Peavey Monitor..

SoundCraft monitor..

4 Roland Cube 100 keyboard amps[the good ones] with custom covers..

Roland Cube 60 ..

Tune 1000 Harmony Box..

Alesis 6 mixer with effects..

Assorted Keyboard cases with wheels (Gator and GigSkinz)..

AT mics corded and wireless..

I retain the right to cancel any or all offers....

Now I feel better