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Well i just bought myself an edirol PCR 800 today, hooked it up to my PC and after a strugle of severall hours i finally got Kontakt 3 hooked up to the Asio drivers of my X-fi ..

And then magic happened, i played just the accoustic piano sounds for 3 hours.... I put 3 different piano's on top of eachother and the sound was so phat so lively, so addicting...

Softsnths are definately frustrating to set up but whne they work.... Ouch.

Hi Bachus
then for sure you have understand what for a big code work we have for manage this all softsynth in realtime switching and to integrate the basic features on the Mediastation keys panel code.
Anybody there can install one PC application BUT then manage this all application in realtime is really a BIG issue ( where almost we lose the time)
We are right now to cnfigure the all MS leds/keys status manager for integrate in realtime another 8+2 ASIO Outs switcher on the midi router.
Each ASIO key must have the feature of loading a new ASIO applicaction, switch in realtime the midi out port, remember always where are the asio setups and check every time is pressed that NO another time the same application will be reloaded...

anyway..just time and nerve patience and will be resolved too.

Just spent today some hours to reading the korg forums about the PAX and PA800 ( where you also have posted too) http://www.korgforums.com/forum/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=50
I will not link a specific link for respect..but also the Korg have really a LOT of problems and issue still to resolve.
Do not read the link about the support ( generic....) how many people are so upset and waiting years for...( no comments)
But they of course are Korg...they can resell Uncomplete software and full of bugs too...

This is the lucky of the big brand..