automatically the wikipedia gave me this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Envy
just look around in the all other brand forums for see how much they are offender my products.. you are in the same line...
Give also who talk only good of me of our capacity: http://www.keyboardmag.com/article/linux-its-not/Apr-07/27458 http://www.via.com.tw/en/products/audio/partners/partners_envy24.jsp

But then when you read the all others topic and see how people are so upset for the toys features ( and bugs) that they contine resell..i have only to laugh...

The only amazing keyboard that I respect now is the Roland Fantom G series, because they really made a BIG jump in the software, hardware quality and modern desing,for sure will be a winner keyboard.

All the others keyboards are only recycled hardware/software from years and years...

For a totally sure mine is really a small company, but the "envy" of the others is really so big.
It mean that in technology and software we don't have really nothing to learn.
For your know, with my engineers, we develope IP STBs Set Box for support High Definition TV, Low Bit Rate codec like MPEG4 and H264, Web TV and PVR.
Maybe you remember the G-800/megafloppy? http://www.synrise.de/docs/types/r/roland/roland_g33-gk2a.htm

This just to give they the idea of what we can produce...

For sure we can have a lot of bugs too ( or Windows Vista or the others brands OS are perfect??) but shown me just ONE products that have the 10% of the features that we have implemented on the MS.

Remember one stuff...we are on 2008 where kids are playing with playstation, cellulars, PC and so on..and they continue resell always the same stuff.
Just some keyboards ( after more 10years of life...) start to play the Mp3, where now you can buy one Mp3 payer on one USB memory stick for 20 dollars.

so...choose you if this is a shame or not and then of course really so easy to blash me for..."envy"

I'm envy with you Diki too, because you can play in the CA beach and drink a lots of beers with nice blonde CA girls...LOL

This is the tru envy Diki..not my MS..

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