Thanks for youtr feedback - I am still in a "don't know" situation - I am currently listening to the Wersi Ikarus - and it sounds really good - I just don't know much about them and there is only one dealer here in the UK so does that tell me something?? I still have tyhe T2 and the E80 - I am using the E80 for the band stuff and the T2 is gathering dust at home - I know the T2 is a great instrument but for what I play the E80 is better. I have thought about the G70 but I wonder if the G70 is going to be just like the E80 with extra keys? What improvements/enhancements has the V3 made to the G70?
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Originally posted by Diki:
Back on topic, here..... I am still interested in hearing if you have considered anything other than another arranger as your 76 note keyboard. The E80's operating system allows you to address external keyboards from the Style and SMF player (and, to a limited extent, the Keyboard Parts), so you could still use a Triton or MotifES and have them communicate in either direction.

Choosing a workstation as your 76-er dramatically increases your choices (and dramatically lowers the potential cost, too!). Especially if you cover more contemporary and pop tunes, there's a lot about the Triton/Motif line that can make you sound hipper than most arrangers, especially if you can drive their arpeggiators from your arranger's MIDI clock.....

To be honest, in your situation, I think I would have kept the T2 and used a G70 (especially now that OS3 has seriously improved the sound and styles) as your 76-er. But water under the bridge........

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