DonM, I was in no way knocking Yamaha any harder than I knock all the others....... I simply commented on build quality. If I pay $4k for an instrument (especially one as studded with buttons as the T2) I want it to last as long as I play it. Hell, I can buy a REAL piano for that much that will last forever.....

As anyone who reads my posts will know, there ARE many things about the T2 I (and most others) DO like. This does not make it perfect, and if you can't take anyone calling a spade a spade, you might not want to get involved in a thread where a member ASKS FOR OPINIONS. Mine is as valid as anyone else's, here.

My G1000, after 9 years of constant gigging, was just sold to a friend in better condition (almost showroom) than the one he has now, which he has had for less time than me. My G70 will be sold in years to come, and I guarantee it will still be in tip top shape. A pro flight case is worth every penny you spend on it...... (and don;t move your keyboard if you are drunk! )

AlexK, you should know better than most that the chord recognition problem has been addressed in the E80, and is on it's way to us (along with many other fixes and enhancements) in a VERY shortly forthcoming new OS. I gig my G70 in and out of the car during the season (Mar-Oct) at least twice a day, many gigs a week. I play on a deck by the Gulf of Mexico 3-4 times a week. My G1000 did this for four years without a hint of corrosion or unreliable buttons and jacks.

Take it from a full-time professional..... build quality is not there just to make you feel like you bought an expensive instrument. It matters.
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!