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I really hope you take no offence with the above, it is meant as a comment only.

Don't be afraid, I'm not angry about such comments. The fact is that I have to agree with the most points you've written but I still can't believe that the Atari gets no new chance for the music market. As Atari stopped existing there were many developers in europe who modernized the system but the whole world seemed to be not interested anymore.
I've made a link to the project pages of the 'new Atari' in this thread: http://www.synthzone.com/ubbs/Forum1/HTML/003421.html
I know we are lightyears behind the actual market but we have the experience that the PC market never will get. I will aid this project as soon as they are ready with their new Atari'. I hope that the most old software will work on this system because we had so much of it with really good features.

I really like working with the Atari. Imagine, I switch on my PC and my Atari at the same time, then on my Atari I load my program, work with it, save the changes and switch off the computer, and then my PC has reached its login screen...
I spare so much time because I'm working with a small system. Windows has brought us many problems, including lost money and wasted time.
A secretary today needs more than the double time for writing a simple letter as with an Atari textwriter or for example an old DOS program like the early versions of Word (with the less of comfortability compared with !Signum). Imagine we had a kernel PLUS a graphic environment management (GEM which is similar to the today's GUI) in a 192kB ROM!!! Today the kernel of Linux only is bigger than the whole Atari system. That's the reason why it runs so fast until today.
What did you really got with your modern PC systems? Yes, the CPUs are running faster, the RAMs are running faster, the HD drives are running faster, the BUS is running faster...and so on, but the colours are many more, the screen resolution has grown up, the programs were grown to a maximum of many megabytes without doing much more than before. These are the mainreason why a PC won't work faster but nevertheless you're trying to speed the 'little trashcan' more and more without any success...
I don't really understand the policy of the big computer concerns because they don't do it for us...only for their pockets...

Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)
Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)