Hey, I didn't want to treat anyone here! I only told you some of my (and other's) experiences with Windows since I'm working with it.
Maybe I should explain something about me: I'm a hard- & software engineer since 1984. Not as a profession from the first time on but it started as a hobby and growed up to a profession (earned by school).

So I learnt to program the Commodore's C64 and C128, followed by an Intel 80286 (which means DOS time ), then an Atari ST and Falcon 030, then an Acorn Archimedes and a strongARMed Risc PC, then (since 1998) Windows 95/NT/98/2000/XP and last but not least Linux.
(Sorry ED, I've actually no experience with Mac OS... )

My experience is: I can simply NOT do the same with a Windows OS as that what I can do with all the other ones (this argument is very generally for now). You're right when you say that you install the hard- and software one times and you use it for only one (or two) application(s). But that's what I meant as I said...
Cough on a PC and it is fumbling!!!

..., you know?

I'm looking back at the last ten years where thousands of people had blustered about their Windows system because of many different (near uncountable) things which happened and cracked the system. But if I adviced them to change their system they suddenly defended their 'little trashcan'. I still don't understand why they did and still do so...

Hello, Frank! Please don't be disgruntled about/with me. I hope you understand that ten years of such an ignorance made me hard against the Windows system (and sometimes also against the users of it). I'm not the personally foe of yours...

Hey everybody, what the hell do you think why I'm still using an Atari Falcon 030 @16MHz (!) in my home studio for 16 track harddisc recording? And why do many professional studios still use it too? There must be a reason for it and I guess it's not only a sentimental one...

Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)
Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)