I have worked for more then 6 years as a sales/tech in a mom &pop computer shop, and I have never owned a computer that I built/set up myself, since 1991.
(Not that it is too difficult, everybody can do it, I just happen to have done it for my PC's and for hundreds of customers).

Frank said something that was almost hidden between the lines:

" reliability problems at all with my music computer..." and "...I do all editing, testing, etc. on my general purpose computer"

So he has 2 PC's.....One as a scretchpad for the internet, testing, installing various programs, all the sh*t work, and another that has a tested, proven and stable environment.

No wonder it doesn't crash. It won't crash, unless something hardware based like a PSU, CPU, HDD crashes. The odds for that are exactly the same as the odds for the tyros HDD to crash in the middle of a gig, or the SD1 PSU to fry in the second song during a wedding party.