Sheriff, I don't know which world you live in but I have no reliability problems at all with my music computer (regular Windows PC not a Laptop) - None!!! It is optimized for live performances and that's all it is used for. I do all editing, testing, etc. on my general purpose computer. Plus I have used my system for years without ever having it fail during a performance. There are others who use laptops for live performances (search flr2003 or flr2002 on this site):

So my computer is more reliable then any of the keyboards I have ever owned. Yamaha PSR9000, 9000 Pro, Korg i2, Roland G1000, Ketron X1 and many more.

You are not the only one that claims that a PC or Laptop is not reliable. The only thing I can think of is that the PC or Laptops were not fully optimized including the installation of quality software and hardware (sound cards, drivers ,etc.).