Ha, it's always the same procedure. I feel like I'm talking against walls. The world don't want to be saved...

Do anyone know the spell "never change a running system"?
I'm using my Falcon 030 since 1994!!! That's half the time I'm playing guitar now. At half the time of the running Falcon (since 1999) I saw more dieing PCs than the count of other computer systems I had and have ever worked with.

There's no support for it anymore but nevertheless I'm still using Cubase Audio. So why? It simply never crashed and it has more than enough features for working in studio or similar in live acts. And the audio quality is still sufficient.
Imagine! ELEVEN YEARS!!! Long live the Falcon!!!

That's what I call a "stabil system"!!!
The most PCs I saw stopped running not later than two years. The longest life of one PC I lived to see was my old PC80286@12MHz which ran about 8 years before he died. This was never reached by any further PC system I bought after that.

Are these arguments good enough for you, men? If not so tell it me because I have really some more arguments...

Nevertheless I hope you will have the same luck with your PC system like I have with my Falcon!!!

Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)
Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)