Folks sorry if this is a bit off topic, but it also involves arrangers a bit too. My question is "What the hell is Yamaha doing?"

Its really no secret that a up until a few years ago arranger keyboards often had better acoustic or "bread and butter" sounds than the synths. It has been said for years that if you want good acoustic sounds and are into traditional styles of music, get yourself a good quality arranger keyboard, and if you're into electroncia get your paws on a synth/workstation.

Yamaha realized the pontential in carrying over those good PSR acoustic voices to the synth line. Which was clearly seen with the release of the Motif Classic. It was a smart move, and widely accepted with synth owners.

However, thoughout the developement of the Motif series Yamaha has really pushed away the electronica market. With the release of each Motif series it seems more and more "synth power" is being taken away. The Motif series has been an "acoustically orientated" series of synths from Yamaha. They've gone completely soft in this area. Look at the expansion options that have been dropped too.

The Motif XS is a clear example of Yamaha's new "softer" synth. Most of its marketing as been towards "acoustic emulation". Did you guys know that Yamaha dropped the "breath controller", and even "step recording" on the Motif XS????

I was planning on buying a new keyboard here in a few months (gotta re-model the bathroom first), but man I really feel let down by Yamaha here. The other makers have focused a great deal on the acoustic voices too, but Korg, and Roland at least are still holding on to the electronica market way better than Yamaha.

Anywho sorry to rant. Just feel like Yammie's shafting the synth line and has pushed away a whole market.

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