Pro ... As much as we may like innovation, and taking new roads with tunes (isn't that what Jazz is all about?), I think that in the venues most of us play there are some tunes that we just about HAVE to do in the stock way ... otherwise the audience may not know we just played their request
.. as for JB, I saw him first about 5 years ago when he was at that restaurant - Big Rocco's or something?!? ... that Halloween he was 'The Mad TV Repairman' with a box around his head like a TV ... saw him 3 years later, I believe at the Jazz Corner, when he had 2 extra 'arms' sewn onto his shirt ... sometimes he played like he had 4 hands!!! ... both times I just happened into the place he was working ... would have seen him again last year, but my wife didn't want to fly that soon after 9/11 ... next time I'm there I would love to try to catch YOUR act .....
t. cool