Hi Zuki,
There's not a lot I can add to what these guys are saying, the simple fact is that in this biz, you gotta pay your dues. That's the simple cliche, but it's as true now as it ever was.
Yes, you have talent . . . but you gotta let everyone see and hear it - they're not going to come to you.
Put yourself together a simple but professional looking presentation package. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, just a folder with a letter of introduction, your song list, a bio. (keep it short, they don't want to read a book), a good clear photo of yourself and do a short tape of two or three songs of varying styles to show your stuff.
Call people and ask if you can give them your package and then go meet them in person at their convenience. Be on time and be courteous (they're under no obligation to book you). Your own appearance is part of the presentation package - look the part and they'll take you seriously, not as some fly-by-night character.
Give them a week to go over your package, then call them and don't be afraid to ask for the date. This, as I'm sure the other fellas will agree, is no surefire method, but stick at it and you will get through eventually - it's a slow process.
Please, don't give up at the first hurdle. Learn from it and jump over the next one, the next one and the one after that. Jumping hurdles is like anything else - the more you do it, the better you get at it.
Okay, Zuki - now go get 'em!

Best regards,
Big Red