Brick has some great truthful advice in there from my perspective too. The other thing you may consider is look in your local phone beek for entertainment agencies that spealize in parties weddings and the like. Bring them a demo tape or video for them to see.

Another thought about the no or low payin' gigs, that is the place to hone your skills as an entertainer, so you are ready when the crowds start to get bigger you're ready.

100 years ago when I started on the folk circuit in Chicago, they used to have open mic nights....and what it was ...was free entertainment for the clubs on their slow nights. Very few every got hired to do the Friday Saturday gigs at the club from it, but it was a great training ground to get rid of the onstage jitters and see what worked and what didn't.

I will tell you this though and no offense intended if after 1 lousy gig you were so discouraged you sold your equipment you'll never make it even to good part time money gigging. There at this end of the biz is going to be plenty more lousy ones then great ones on the journey.

The other thing to as an unknown....if you do get hired in a public place you need to hit the pavement and promote yourself. Newspapers in the entertainment section will usually print for free that you will be appearing somewhere if you just call them and tell them the particulars. Flyers all around like Brick suggested etc. Others will promote you only when you have a money making value to them, in the meantime you need to promote yourself.
jam on and hang tuff we need more good performers not less,
jam on,