Tony: Sorry for the late reply: I was on the road all day yesterday and only able to get back on the web today. Yes, I know Johnny Brackett - he's a great pianist and vocalist. He still hosts a popular Monday night jazz jam at The Jazz Corner. He left The Blue Night some time ago, which is now closed.

Glad you and Scott agree with my popular-but-not-burnt motif. I too do some Elvis (Memories, with just piano/bass/guitar and very rarely I'll do Blue Hawaii with ocean effects for sport) and Sinatra (my own versions of Fly Me To The Moon, The Way You Look Tonight). I'm on a crusade to figure out a new way to play "New York, New York" instead of the same old tired version. Haven't solved that one yet. Right now I do the stereotypical "NY,NY" when requested, not as part of my normal routine, and segue into "NY State of Mind".
Jim Eshleman