There is a call for instrumentals too in the nicer dinner houses as backrounf music..

I don't about in other areas....but in Califronia, the Borders bookstores hire in acts and there are several of them, so one could stay busy with a MELLOW backround sort of act if that fits into your genre. The other place to get after that pays well is corporate events....grand openings, biz parties. So a nice flyer to all the corporations in your area (an endless list I'm sure)may yield some results. Nordstrom's uses piano players every day.

Another thing I did early on was to play anywhere they would let me including street corners with my instrument case open collecting tips.....I did pretty good at times in Chicago and San Francisco. However much you may feel this lowers you, I gained alot of experience and exposure. Again have flyers and biz cards ready for people to take. A battery powered amp can work pretty well for this.

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