The Pro... "If you can do your own thing within the context of your market, lucky you." .... I fully agree with that ... BUT if you are going to make a living in this business, you can't do your own thing unless you are satisfying the client ... If 'your own thing' is so diverse from what the market is calling for, even working 'one shot gigs' will run out in time ... AND if you are lucky enough to find the right market, aren't you then satisfying the client, which is what most of us believe is the key to making that living... even if we have to sacrifice some artistic desires in doing so ... I have done some gigs which musically I thought were crap, but the client loved it, so I consider it a successful gig ... Usually after a gig like that I'll spend the next day with headphones on, playing just for myself.. .. I've played in real nice piano lounges, providing music from the 'Great American Songbook', middle of the road pop, light jazz, bossas, etc. ... I've enjoyed high compliments, requests for a CD, good tips, etc. .... Come St. Pat's night and my joyfull pastime becomes WORK !!! ... I sweat out the night, and what do people say for weeks later? "Great music on St. Patty's nite... thanks ..." ???
and UD... We all know you've been getting by on that cute smile and killer body for years!!!

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