I put out some flyers I did on the computer at supermarkets and different places around town. I also told the small local news paper and the larger newspaper in the next town and they put us in for free in the annoucements about local entertainment. I played the coffee shop to maybe 40 people. Most stayed and complimented me. I just made $30 in tips.

I don't think you will walk in any place tell them $150 and they will say OK you're hired. You will have to put time in it get to be known and you might pick up some high paying weddings. Uncle Dave, Donny, Scott Don and others didn't start yesterday.

I played in night clubs in the New Orleans area in the 50's with a no pictured Draft Card that beonged to my Uncle for $10 a night when I was 16.

If you need money quick this is not going to happen. I just retired and I'm going at it slowly. If it happens great. If not, I'll go fishing more and continue getting up early and going to the coffee shop. At my age no teenie boppers are going to flock the place and demand my autograph. It will take time, time and more time.

You'll probably have to play for peanuts for some time. This won't happen over night. But of course there is a chance that something great could happen. I just don't expect it and that way I won't be too disappointed.

"Sometimes life is cruel," as my sister-in-law says, "live it." I'm not trying to discourage anyone. I'm just trying to say stay cool. Maybe it will happen.
Hope things work out for you. Keep plugging away. Just try to enjoy entertaining.
I'm not prejudiced, I hate everybody!! Ha ha! My Sister-In-Law had this tee shirt. She was a riot!!!