Pro ..... No, I've not yet done the song ... and I'm not sure I totally agree with the young lady .... while I'm 61 yrs of age, I been told I have a 'young' voice ... I've not been able to find the music for it, nor have I been able to find a midi ... someday..

I hear what you're saying about BEG, but in some venues, if you DON"T play it people question you ... when I play it, I will often play the 1st verse a la Van, but then "take it down to the islands" and do the rest of it in a Samba Rock rhythm using the steel drum voice instead of guitar to change it up .... my son (age 36) has that at the top of his 'don't play/listen' list ... anytime we are at a club or a party and the band or DJ ( )plays BEG, Ol Time RnR, etc we just look at each other and 'smile knowingly' ... but, as I said, if you DON'T do those tunes ??? .....

When you talk about playing 'your' music what are you talking about? .... Originals, or more standard tunes in a different style?
t. cool