Originally posted by squeak_D:
It's the lack of midi jacks that stopped me from buying the YPG. Some may consider this a minor missing feature, but there are just as many who feel it's a major missing feature as well

In my opinion and from what I've read, the YPG-625 is basically a DGX-505 with graded hammer keys and 4 more voices, and the 505 itself is a let down to DGX-500 having 120 less voices, no midi and no floppy drive.

The YPG - 625 is certainly a good first keyboard but I am not paying 800 euros for the same low-end voice set just to get a hammer action. It's a pity that for the 2nd time they offer us the same product with very small improvements.

But who cares, after all this is a consumer product and one is expected to upgrade every time they come up with the newer model. It's the same as with digital cameras. I'm wondering how many people are playing their game.