I just bought the YGP 625 yesterday. I liked the keyboard action and all the different features it came with. What I'm very disappointed with is the quality of the piano sound. In the store it sounded OK. But, that was in a high ceiling room, and some guy 2 rows over was going nuts on a drum set. Once I got it home where I could really hear it, I winced. The best way I can describe it is muddy. On any of the Grand piano settings, you get what I feel is a muddy sound. I havent found a way to get a sharp and clear tone out of it, even messing around with the Master EQ options. Now I'm faced with either eating a 15% restocking fee from Sam Ash, or finding a way to get a better sound out of what I've got.If I could feed the output into something that would give me a better sound, I'd be willing to do that, at some point. (as long as it doesn't cost me more than freakin piano itself.) What are my options? Would I be better off to eat the restock fee and buy a keyboard and sythn combo?