Could you do us a favor?

Could you find a scale or find SOME way to weigh this keyboard without the stand and without the music rack? Some people around here, and a couple other boards, are curious. Two sites say 44 lbs., a Japanese site says 56+ lbs., and musiciansbuy says 39.6 lbs. My money is on 39.6 lbs.

I have my order in for this keyboard, so I'm very glad you like it. It became apparant with the (much smaller!) 6W speakers in the P70, that Yamaha has figured out some new way of packing quite a bit of power into small wattage. When I compared the DGX-505 side by side with the Privia PX-555R and the Roland FP-5, with and without headphones, the speakers on the DGX were the only ones I would want for a small gig. It was much more than a volume issue. And now you say the YPG speakers are that much better.

I think the 32 note polyphony is a fair trade off to get the weight in under 40 lbs. The state of the art apparantly requires twice the oscillators or a wider bus to double up polyphony. The only keyboards lighter than the 625 with 88 keys, and 64 poly, have "semi-weighted" action" or speakers less than half the size by area.

32 poly is sufficient for players like me who are interested mainly in a performance synth. Playing sequenced material through the keyboard seems like cheating just a little. You can still hook the YPG up to a computer and sequence to software limits in that medium.

So for my money, there really is no alternative to the YPG-625 at any price. But I do wish it had real MIDI IN/OUT and audio IN. If they added those connectors, you'd have a real pro set up for under 45 lbs. and less than $900. That should shake up a few people! I also think black or rosewood would be more professional looking.