I loaded up a flash drive today with hundreds of standard midi files and they play beautifully without any lag in calling them up and pushing the start button. I also like that I don't have to go into the "function" screen as I did on the DGX505 and select "Smart Media" instead of "Flash" from the Media Select menu and then hold the function button down to store this new setting if I was using the Smart Media Card. Many of my customers didn't understand this feature and couldn't get their midi files to be read until they thought the keyboard was broken and called my store for me to explain what they needed to do. Now, just install the drive and a USB light shine on the display and your ready to play right off the plugged in device.
Many potential customers came into my store today and when I showed them the new Yamaha, all were impressed with it's look, sounds, features and price.
George Kaye
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