Got it!

I picked up my YPG-625 Monday evening. It came faster than I expected. I have some minor issues, but basically, it's pretty much what I expected.

The action is superb. Except for the fact it adds 15 lbs to the kbd (grumble mumble...) I can't imagine anything better. Sensitivity default is 2 (medium) and I haven't had any desire to fool around with that yet. Maybe for some instrument other than piano.

Grand Pianos 1 and 2 were both very nice. I think I like 2 slightly better, but it's nice to have both options.

I'm no expert on synth organ sounds, but I thought the organ sounds, and electric (galaxy, etc.) pianos were all useable.

The sweet sax's and flute are superb. Trumpets are good. Trombone sounds more like a tuba. (Maybe an EQ setting will help that.) Harp needs a little help too.

Violin is HORRIBLE. Seriously. Sounds like a cross between a harmonica and a clarinet. No stringiness to it at all. And they could have left out the Live! Orchestra. The slow, wide vibrato makes it dead on arrival for me.

These are just initial impressions. I'll put up a longer review in a week or two.