Thanks for asking about my store Ryan. The past year has been an interesting one for music stores. I'm selling more and more lower priced chinese made products which means less dollars in the cash register. Customers can get really good gear for much less then things cost 5 years ago. Higher end arranger keyboards are still my forte and continue to do quite well. Lower priced digital pianos and arrangers are still very strong. The models that have really slowed down are things like Motif ES's, Fantoms, Tritons, etc. Thank goodness for many of my customers from the Synthzone who will purchase products from me.
After 36 years of owning my store, I find myself working more hours then in previous years and with less help because of economic times. However, my passion for my business and enjoying my customers is still a driving force for me.
If you sense my excitment for new products arriving you are right. I still feel like a kid in a candy store when something new arrives and I try it out.
George Kaye
Kaye's Music Scene
Reseda, Ca.

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George Kaye
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