Hi George

Thanx for the great review and info as usual. It doesn't surprise me what you are saying about the Chinese instruments. Heck even the Tyros 1 was made in China.

I'm curious what the big name sellers are in Chinese instruments. I'm wondering if it's the names we all recognize or if new ones are emerging that are worthwhile. I suppose it's arranger type keyboards below the $200 mark for them or are there other contenders?

Just curious, I guess you know I used to work in music stores and also owned one in the 70's and 80's in Wisconsin until the northern recession of the early 80's. I said I'd never get back into the music business and found myself in Florida doing that for almost another 20 years in mostly home organs which is very popular in a lot of areas here.

It's just kind of interesting to me to see how the music business has evolved and continues to at what seems to be a faster and faster pace.