As we all know piano sounds are very subjective. Some to my ears sound great, while the same paino to another person sounds "muddy" or something along those lines.

However, one thing is clear--a poor internal speaker system can reduce the sound quality. If that's the case then I'd would only assume Yammaha would use a better quality speaker and amp for the YPG "especially considering these are designed for home use". It would be different if it was for stage use, and had good quality outputs.

You may find that simply hooking up to a better speaker system (sometimes a good stereo sysem makes a huge difference).

For me I think the biggest let down on the new models isn't sounds, keys, ect. Rather I find it unacceptable that Yammie didn't include simple midi jacks on any of the models. That YPG 625 would make a very nice controller if it had simple midi in/out jacks and not just USB.

Personally I think Yammie didn't want the YPG sales to take away interest in the new CP33. That board is a digital, but it's also advertised as having "comprehensive midi functions"--basically making it a great controller as well--However, that board sells for $1,299, and the YPG is going for less than $800. With the YPG you'll get great graded hammer action, some nice Yammie sounds with a few extra goodies, and boy wouldn't that board also make a great controller???

I can see someone buying one of these over the CP33 if it had midi in/out. I could be wrong, but that's a reason I see why Yammie didn't include that basic feature.


Forgot to add this... Even though I have an 88 key weighted synth I strongly considered the new YPG-625, but I know I'd eventually want to midi it to something (not just a computer either)--I'm talking about drum machines, samplers, external hardware sequencers and so on.

It's the lack of midi jacks that stopped me from buying the YPG. Some may consider this a minor missing feature, but there are just as many who feel it's a major missing feature as well

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