Mike, did you actually INSTALL Jukebox 2.4 ONTO Windows 8.1 ?

Or was Jukebox already on your computer and then you upgraded to Windows 8.1 afterwards ?

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad 8 tablet on 30 days Approval from a famous TV shopping channel - I can send it back if necessary. I only got it so I can try and keep my KN7000 programmes up and running ! (Main computer is Macbook and ancient XP laptop is wearing out! Battery dead etc) (The Tablet has Windows 8.1 Pro, only 32-bit)

On this Tablet on Approval I'm trying to load virtual XP downloaded from MS into VirtualBox. Am waiting for a bluetooth mouse to arrive as the stylus is useless on such a small screen (eventually hope to stream to TV and use mouse and bluetooth keyboard and then use it as an actual computer!)

So I'm wondering if it's possible to actually install the Jukebox 5 (and also song Manager or TechManager) straight into Windows 8.1 ?

I want to be able to load an MP3 onto the KN7000 and then synchronise it with midi tracks which I'll create, and I'm hoping that Jukebox will enable this.

Am running out of time before I have to keep or send it back The Lenovo Tablet is pretty good in itself. But wondering if I'd have more success with a Windows 7 laptop instead and run XP Compatibility Mode for these KN7000 programmes?