Aha Mike!

SD AUDIO - that's interesting, Mike - Do I understand you correctly, can you live record extra tracks on the KN7 itself while feeding in the MP3 from the computer/tablet etc ? (And end up with the amalgam on the KN7?)

Also, once you've recorded yourself playing on the KN7, can you then overdub it with ADDITIONAL tracks afterwards? Or would you have to record it as audio onto the computer and then repeat the process.

Presumably you can't pre-record a midi file and hit play and record the MP3 simultaneously (assuming one could get them to start at the right time together) ?

Yes, with Jukebox input I was going to take the timing from the MP3 (though I've just downloaded the Amazing Slowdowner and would probably need to adjust the MP3 slightly first. I'm very pleased that the Amaz Slowdowner allows you to record the changed version onto a CD.)

Re the JUKEBOX. I shall be having another go at Jukebox next week, on my old troublesome XP laptop. Have also ordered the other available lead for the new Win 8.1 Tablet which I understand works better with USB2, though I'm not holding my breath on getting the Tablet working with Jukebox! I'm still contemplating sending off for an actual Win 8.1 HP laptop and sending back the tablet (though if I can't get the XP version to work, there's probably no point) And actually I can't really afford to get another laptop !!!! I have until the end of the month to decide about the Tablet.