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SD Jukebox - 10/29/14 07:29 AM

Hi there - anyone using SD Jukebox on more up to date versions of Windows o/s such as Vista successfully?
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Re: SD Jukebox - 10/29/14 12:19 PM


I'm using v2.4 with Windows 8.1 and it works fine. I don't use any compatibility mode.

Best wishes,
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Re: SD Jukebox - 10/30/14 02:40 AM

Thanks Mike - v2.4 doesn't seem to like Vista nor does v5 of SD Jukebox - I've noticed that there is a v6.9 but can't get a copy of it.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 10/30/14 01:35 PM

Tricky to get any of the new versions as far as I can see.

You probably know this page (needs Google translate):

I haven't gone through it all because what I have works ok. It would be good to get a newer version. The Japanese wiki says that there is a V7.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 10/31/14 04:32 AM

No I didn't know of that site Mike but it as you suggest it really is a struggle to work through it even with a translator. I know it's a bit esoteric but we really coulod do with a simplified english version of this on one of your KN7000 web sites.
Best wishes.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 10/31/14 11:51 AM

Yes you're right I'll start working on that... and I'll ask Phil Leader and his wife if they can help as they both speak Japanese. What we could do with is a full copy of the latest version or at least a way of purchasing it. By the way, the V5 Wiki and Panasonic Japan page say that v5 is not Vista compatible. V5 can not be upgraded to V6. The later V6's are Vista compatible as is V7. V7 is only released as V7LE (Light Edition). The Light Editions have most functions but can't be skinned (not an issue for us).
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Re: SD Jukebox - 10/31/14 12:58 PM

It gets more complicated by the minute. as well as sorting out my vista situation or not I also have a contact in Swansea with a KN2600 who is struggling with all this - and all he wants to do is play some mp3s through his keyboard...
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Re: SD Jukebox - 10/31/14 01:14 PM

I work in Swansea, I can call in next week if he's still stuck.

Doesn't 2.4 work in Vista? Or can't you go back from V5?

What exact version do you have Roger? 5.0, 5.1, or 5.1LE?

I think I've found a place to purchase it (V6+) but I don't know whether it is an English version, I'm trying to find out.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 10/31/14 02:02 PM

The version I found is Japanese only. Cost is only 20 but I read that it won't install on windows with English lanuage (I mean, it will refuse to install). I've written to a few friends and to Panasonic to find out more.

I'd be delighted to call to your friend in Swansea as I've never seen a KN2600 and would like to grin
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Re: SD Jukebox - 10/31/14 04:01 PM

His name is Peter Lewis and his e-mail address is - I'll let him know you're going to get in touch.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 11/01/14 07:40 AM

I have SD Jukebox v5.0 Mike...
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Re: SD Jukebox - 11/05/14 02:28 PM

I've written back and forth to Panasonic a few times. At first they hadn't heard of SD-Jukebox lol but I pointed them to the Japanese page and they have been in touch with Japan. They have confirmed that V5 is the most recent English version available and they are going to get back to me about whether people can still buy it or not.

For me V2.4 works with my HP computer which has an internal card reader that is SD Secure compatible so I'm sticking with that for the moment. I'll let you know what more news I can get.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 12/03/14 10:46 PM

Hi Rog,
SD Jukebox 2.4 works without problems on my PC (Vista).

Other question: SZ-CB 7 is no longer or hardly buy.
It is possible instead to use SZ-CB 8
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Re: SD Jukebox - 12/04/14 01:15 AM

Thanks Harry.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 12/04/14 01:54 AM

Hi Rog,

Other question: SZ-CB 7 is no longer or hardly buy.
It is possible instead to use SZ-CB 8 ?
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Re: SD Jukebox - 12/04/14 03:34 AM

Hi Harry - I have no idea but on my laptop which has an SD Card slot I find that I can successfully use that instead of the SZ-CB 7.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/01/15 05:24 PM

Mike, did you actually INSTALL Jukebox 2.4 ONTO Windows 8.1 ?

Or was Jukebox already on your computer and then you upgraded to Windows 8.1 afterwards ?

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad 8 tablet on 30 days Approval from a famous TV shopping channel - I can send it back if necessary. I only got it so I can try and keep my KN7000 programmes up and running ! (Main computer is Macbook and ancient XP laptop is wearing out! Battery dead etc) (The Tablet has Windows 8.1 Pro, only 32-bit)

On this Tablet on Approval I'm trying to load virtual XP downloaded from MS into VirtualBox. Am waiting for a bluetooth mouse to arrive as the stylus is useless on such a small screen (eventually hope to stream to TV and use mouse and bluetooth keyboard and then use it as an actual computer!)

So I'm wondering if it's possible to actually install the Jukebox 5 (and also song Manager or TechManager) straight into Windows 8.1 ?

I want to be able to load an MP3 onto the KN7000 and then synchronise it with midi tracks which I'll create, and I'm hoping that Jukebox will enable this.

Am running out of time before I have to keep or send it back The Lenovo Tablet is pretty good in itself. But wondering if I'd have more success with a Windows 7 laptop instead and run XP Compatibility Mode for these KN7000 programmes?
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/01/15 05:44 PM

Hi Katrina,

I'm running Windows 8.1 64 bit, it's a HP Envy Recline with Beats Audio. I bought it new as I was having the same issues as you with an old laptop. I still have the laptop as a backup but haven't used it for about 9 months. So, everything below is freshly installed. Some of them with a few minor challenges needing compatibility mode.

Sd Jukebox 2.4 installs and works perfectly. In fact it is the program with the least issues, very straightforward. Yes, it will enable the transfer of mp3s as you describe.

Song Manager installs and functions but won't transfer anything via USB.

KN7000 drivers install and work fine, using compatibility mode (there's an article on my UK website about this).

Jukebox 5 has never worked for me.

Techmanager is up and running in compatibility mode (works fine) but I found it challenging to install (I had to find various files around the Internet that weren't on Win 8.1).

KN-SDExplorer demo and full version work fine, with a few workarounds that I've explained on the KN-SDExplorer website. And we'll be releasing a new version in the near future we are near completion on testing.

EMC Styleworks Technics and EMC Styleworks Universal have been updated several times recently, they work great on Win 8.1 64 bit.

SD Origins download on my website is the quickest way to initiate an SD Card on Mac or PC, contains 727 Styles and sets up your directories for importing MIDIs etc. My son has a Mac and we've thoroughly tested it.

Technics KN recorder software works fine for recording from USB.

I recommend getting a good MIDI interface rather than using the USB, it works better for me (for MIDI). I use the USB for recording. Windows 8.1 also recognises the KN7000 as a speaker system.

Some of the above might depend on the processor in your PC and mine is 64 bit so I can't confirm for 32 bit but I understand that 32 bit is usually less problematic.

I haven't failed to get any of the other various Technics keyboard programs running but there are sometimes quirks such as the help file won't load.

I've written at length on most of these subjects on my websites, can't repeat it all here as there is so much but I hope that helps you.

Best wishes,
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/02/15 09:47 AM

Shame we can't use SDHC Cards because there are plenty of them available to buy but straight SD Cards are getting rarer. Katrina I'm over your way in a couple of weeks time at the Seacroft Keyboard Cavalcade week long festival run by Sceptre Promotions just into Norfolk.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/03/15 07:43 PM

Thank you so much Mike. Incredibly useful! (And I see you too were burning the way-past-midnight oil!)

Unfortunately the Win 8.1 Pro Tablet I have on approval had a stupid Bios set-up on purchase. It didn't even recognise USB2, until after visiting forums I found a Bios update would fix that. Unfortunately the one programme I'm desperate to use (Jukebox) doesn't recognise the SD card, even in the special Panasonic Card-Reader, neither in Jukebox 2.4 or Jukebox 5 !!!!! (And at the moment I can't get the Virtual Box XP to run on the Tablet either). The old XP laptop had a Toshiba inbuilt SD reader and worked OK at recognising the SDs. (In other respects the Tablet I have on approval is fine, other than only needing a proprietary USB lead available only from the manufacturer!!!!)

Here I'm going to ask you a favour. I would be ever so grateful, if you didn't mind, if you could tell me EXACTLY what model number of HP Envy Recline that you have? (I daresay the various HP Envys could have different card readers inside.) Or do you connect via a Card Reader? I'm thinking if I input the exact Model number (full details) of your computer into the HP Support Page I could discover what internal SD Driver it uses. Maybe that would help me find a similar computer. (Assuming it's the Driver that is the problem?) The HP Envys I've looked at all have Realtek SD Drivers, or at least the updates do. But maybe yours doesn't!

Best Wishes,
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/03/15 07:45 PM

Hi Roger,

Is that on a Saturday? (If so, which one?)

Roger, could you tell me which computer model you have? I've asked Mike the same question. I desperately need to find one that can load MP3 or AAC onto the actual kn7000 so I can synchronise with midi. (This was one of the reasons I upgraded from my kn6500 !)
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/03/15 11:05 PM

Hi Katrina,

The model number is 23-m210ea and here's the support page for my machine:

I use the built-in card reader and the Panasonic one works too.

It has two USB 2 ports and two USB 3 ports. Some 'Technics' things don't work with the USB 3, such as the MIDI drivers. I can't find my Panasonic reader at the moment to test whether that could be your problem if you have USB 3 on the tablet.

Good luck!

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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/04/15 06:35 AM

Katrina I finally gave up on SD JUkebox because of it's lack of ability to work with more recent PC systems. I now use an ipad and keep all my backing track MP3s on there from which I play through the KN7000. I have found that it is more/completely reliable too, which MP3s through Sd Card sometimes wasn't.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/04/15 08:42 AM

The Festival goes on all week starting on 17th April (Friday) and finishing a week later - here's some details:
In general the people attending go for the whole week but I think you will find that there is a one day visitors day somewhen during the week.
Secondly I have to admit that I was vaguely aware that you could synchronise mp3s through SD JUkebox with midi files but I've never got near to doing that and probably never will as I can't see any reason for it although I principally work with singers. My computer is an old secondhand desktop working with Vista v5 as I recall; and I think the whole issue of SD Jukebox working or not working is a mixture of which version of Windows in which machine and thus mighty complicated to replicate successfully - hence my moving over to ipad amplified through my KN7000/
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/05/15 03:54 PM

Hi Rog, Like you, on occasions where I wish to play an MP3 file through my KN7000, I gave up on SD Jukebox with all it's necessary 'pesky' check-in - check-out stuff and incompatibility with versions of Windows. It's so much easier to just use an MP3 player attached to the Line In ports on the KN7000....
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/05/15 04:23 PM

Hi All,

I agree with both of you that channelling an mp3 player in is the easiest way to do thia.

However, if you use the SD Audio feature you can play along and record the results directly into the KN7000.

I find that a great way to do this is to use an mp3 with live drums and bass, record a little of your own backing over that and then use the results to play 'live' or to make a recording.

Katrina, you won't get great results if you want to use the rhythms in the KN7000. You can only synchronise the start of the track. So, your audio track has to be an exact 'beats per minute' in order to do that, otherwise it will run out compared with the KN7000s rhythms.

So, in practise you choose a backing track that has drums on it... or rather, to clarify, the timing of the performance has to come from the backing track, not from the KN7000. Use the KN7000 to layer over the top of the track.

Both methods have their place it depends what you're trying to achieve but if you're using SD-Audio back up your SD Card regularly. KN-SDExplorer backs up the SD Audio tracks but remember that it can only restore them to the SD Card they were backed-up from due to the unwarranted copy restrictions.

And, as an aside, use SD Favorites to load your sequences, it saves lots of fiddling about searching for the right sequence.

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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/05/15 04:36 PM

Hi Bill & Roger,

Yes, I agree, much easier to plug in an iPhone to play MP3s through the keyboard speakers. But I really fancied trying to amalgamate an MP3 with a midi file. I needed to add some vocal lines that could be muted or played at different volumes to help my choir learn their various parts (we sing in parts and some of them need help in the early stages). Also I like to add various instruments etc.

However, I've just tried this new technique on my old wonky XP laptop (which can see the SD OK) and it won't transfer files off the laptop hard drive into Jukebox (2.4 or 5). I think (if I remember correctly from a year ago) I managed to get an MP3 to load onto the KN7 but that was from a CD. Annoying that I have to make a CD just to load on one song! It really is a terrible piece of software, isn't it! When I have time I'll try again as I'm really interested to see if i can synchronise MP3's with midi on the keyboard. For me that would be useful. The midis that I make are often quite complicated i.e. all the parts can't be played live with the MP3 - and anyway I'm too busy waving my hands about, or teaching them the moves when we choreograph things! And I like to be able to really listen & pay full attention to the singers. So in the past I've just done midi accompaniments and recorded into Garageband as Audio tracks. Have managed to mix, copy & paste sections etc in Garageband in order to make different learning CD's for the various singing parts, and even dubbed on instructions for moving about.

But I do wish they had taken it further and improved Jukebox - and that I could use it with the Windows 8.1 Tablet that I bought specially for the keyboard software.

Re. the FESTIVAL, Roger, I shall be back in the throes of teaching at that time (including Saturday). But will have to see if I can perhaps get there on the Sunday. Depends if hubby needs the car for his rehearsals as some idiot drove into his own perfectly good car and it's now written off (and too expensive to replace!)
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/05/15 04:48 PM

Hi Katrina,

Is the program running ok? If so then it should transfer the files fine if your SD Reader is compatible.

Make sure you haven't missed a step somewhere. Here are the instructions for putting audio files on SD Card using SD Jukebox 2.4

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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/05/15 05:05 PM

Aha Mike!

SD AUDIO - that's interesting, Mike - Do I understand you correctly, can you live record extra tracks on the KN7 itself while feeding in the MP3 from the computer/tablet etc ? (And end up with the amalgam on the KN7?)

Also, once you've recorded yourself playing on the KN7, can you then overdub it with ADDITIONAL tracks afterwards? Or would you have to record it as audio onto the computer and then repeat the process.

Presumably you can't pre-record a midi file and hit play and record the MP3 simultaneously (assuming one could get them to start at the right time together) ?

Yes, with Jukebox input I was going to take the timing from the MP3 (though I've just downloaded the Amazing Slowdowner and would probably need to adjust the MP3 slightly first. I'm very pleased that the Amaz Slowdowner allows you to record the changed version onto a CD.)

Re the JUKEBOX. I shall be having another go at Jukebox next week, on my old troublesome XP laptop. Have also ordered the other available lead for the new Win 8.1 Tablet which I understand works better with USB2, though I'm not holding my breath on getting the Tablet working with Jukebox! I'm still contemplating sending off for an actual Win 8.1 HP laptop and sending back the tablet (though if I can't get the XP version to work, there's probably no point) And actually I can't really afford to get another laptop !!!! I have until the end of the month to decide about the Tablet.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/05/15 05:10 PM

PS I'm supposed to be having a load of family here for dinner for Easter Monday and this Keyboard Software thing means the house and garden will be a tip, and I'll be half asleep from all these 3am bedtimes. But I guess a few other people on Synthzone have also been working hard for their KN7000 !!!!!
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/05/15 05:25 PM

Hi Katrina,

Not quite. You transfer the audio to your KN7000 and link it to the sequencer. Then you can record yourself playing along with the track, using the sequencer. You can do that on multiple tracks at the same time or on one track at a time.

Easier if I give you an example. Let's say you have an audio track with drums and bass. Put it on the CD Card using SD Jukebox (easier said than done eh?). Link it to your sequencer. Synchronise it if you like (all that does is to line up the audio track with the moment that you press the Start button).

Now, say, record a piano part on one of your sequencer tracks, over the top of your audio.

Next, record a strings part in another track, over the top of your audio which will be playing along with the piano you recorded earlier.

Next, record a choir part in another track which will be over the top of the drums & bass audio, the piano sequence and the strings sequence.

And so on, to build up the whole piece.

Yes, to add any additional audio you would have to record the whole thing from KN7000 onto your PC and go through the whole process again. I don't know why you would do that unless you were singing into a microphone hooked up to the KN7000.

If you build up the whole piece in line with my description and THEN sing into a microphone, you can record the whole performance onto your PC. The singing won't record on the KN7000 but it will be sent through the KN7000's audio system so that you will be able to record the sequence you have built up and the singing at the same time, using your PC.

Of course, you could just record the whole sequence onto PC and sing into a microphone connected to your PC using some recording software. But then you won't be able to add reverb etc to the Microphone using the KN7000's effects.

Oh, I'm not saying that any of this is the most efficient way of doing things, just A way to do it.... you could always buy a recording studio, that would be easier laugh

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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/05/15 05:31 PM

PS it is nowhere near 3am yet lol.

You could play your audio in some DAW software such as Sonar or Reaper and record MIDI from your KN7000 over the top of it. However, you'd have to learn the software and in my opinion a tablet is a bit underpowered for that sort of software, you might get lag. KN7000s sequencer is made for doing just what you are trying to do and (whilst it is a bit of a process) it does keep it neat and 'simple' in my opinion... once you have figured it out.
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Re: SD Jukebox - 04/06/15 08:15 AM

Well if you do go on sunday it would be useful to be able to recognise you in the throng - perhaps you could email me a link to a piccie or something.
Midis loaded as style files means you can mute any instrument to suit whatever you're doing and unmute instantaneously.
MP3 files purchased from can be customised at the purchasing stage or subsequently to add or remove instruments without additional cost.