Hi Bill & Roger,

Yes, I agree, much easier to plug in an iPhone to play MP3s through the keyboard speakers. But I really fancied trying to amalgamate an MP3 with a midi file. I needed to add some vocal lines that could be muted or played at different volumes to help my choir learn their various parts (we sing in parts and some of them need help in the early stages). Also I like to add various instruments etc.

However, I've just tried this new technique on my old wonky XP laptop (which can see the SD OK) and it won't transfer files off the laptop hard drive into Jukebox (2.4 or 5). I think (if I remember correctly from a year ago) I managed to get an MP3 to load onto the KN7 but that was from a CD. Annoying that I have to make a CD just to load on one song! It really is a terrible piece of software, isn't it! When I have time I'll try again as I'm really interested to see if i can synchronise MP3's with midi on the keyboard. For me that would be useful. The midis that I make are often quite complicated i.e. all the parts can't be played live with the MP3 - and anyway I'm too busy waving my hands about, or teaching them the moves when we choreograph things! And I like to be able to really listen & pay full attention to the singers. So in the past I've just done midi accompaniments and recorded into Garageband as Audio tracks. Have managed to mix, copy & paste sections etc in Garageband in order to make different learning CD's for the various singing parts, and even dubbed on instructions for moving about.

But I do wish they had taken it further and improved Jukebox - and that I could use it with the Windows 8.1 Tablet that I bought specially for the keyboard software.

Re. the FESTIVAL, Roger, I shall be back in the throes of teaching at that time (including Saturday). But will have to see if I can perhaps get there on the Sunday. Depends if hubby needs the car for his rehearsals as some idiot drove into his own perfectly good car and it's now written off (and too expensive to replace!)