Thank you so much Mike. Incredibly useful! (And I see you too were burning the way-past-midnight oil!)

Unfortunately the Win 8.1 Pro Tablet I have on approval had a stupid Bios set-up on purchase. It didn't even recognise USB2, until after visiting forums I found a Bios update would fix that. Unfortunately the one programme I'm desperate to use (Jukebox) doesn't recognise the SD card, even in the special Panasonic Card-Reader, neither in Jukebox 2.4 or Jukebox 5 !!!!! (And at the moment I can't get the Virtual Box XP to run on the Tablet either). The old XP laptop had a Toshiba inbuilt SD reader and worked OK at recognising the SDs. (In other respects the Tablet I have on approval is fine, other than only needing a proprietary USB lead available only from the manufacturer!!!!)

Here I'm going to ask you a favour. I would be ever so grateful, if you didn't mind, if you could tell me EXACTLY what model number of HP Envy Recline that you have? (I daresay the various HP Envys could have different card readers inside.) Or do you connect via a Card Reader? I'm thinking if I input the exact Model number (full details) of your computer into the HP Support Page I could discover what internal SD Driver it uses. Maybe that would help me find a similar computer. (Assuming it's the Driver that is the problem?) The HP Envys I've looked at all have Realtek SD Drivers, or at least the updates do. But maybe yours doesn't!

Best Wishes,