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Personally, using arrangers for 1hr NH gigs is perfectly acceptable and makes good economic sense for those who can't keep a bunch of old folks entertained for one hour on an acoustic piano, but please, leave it there; don't take those things into upscale country clubs (unless you're booking it as a karaoke act) and fine dining venues. Leave those for the 'starving musicians' who've paid their dues and actually learned to play their instruments (and rarely brag about it - ever notice how people that are really good at something are the most humble about it).

chas ... you sometimes paint with too broad a brush ... I know quite a number of excellent musicians - piano players mostly, and even one fine jazz alto sax player - in the New York/New Jersey area who after spending years honing their craft and making considerable money entertaining people by singing and playing - most with small combos - are now arranger players ... WHY?, because that is what is NOW keeping them working ... unfortunately, the opportunities to play gigs with 2 or 3 other musicians are becoming less and less, so they now play an arranger using bass, drums, and maybe guitar backing ... and the general audience in these upscale country clubs and fine dining venues actually ENJOY it ...
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