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...What an amazing rig. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it. Great car choice too - mine is the same colour but the tourer. I have owned Rover's for years. We have the same keyboard, same car and same mixer and my wife is blonde too...

Wow Darren, no wonder we get along so well then. Still watching my mailbox like a hawk for all the goodies from you...

Well, this is what we do after hours. It fulfills us to the extreme - I'm sure my constant enthusiasm testify to this. We do not suffer from boredome or self centred lives.

We can also not wait to get started again with the Audya (been out of action for a few weeks now) - we're sure to get much more attention this time round tx to Ketron!!! And this time round we'll sound even more like Hillsong...

We are dreaming, meditating & praying for our promised truck with the huge hydraulically operate mobile stage. And it will most probably be equipped with a El Acoustique sound system...And we might end up taking it all the way out to central Africa, cause that's our vision!

Keep well my friend,

Make sure you'll fly forever!