Hi again,

I wanted to buy a superbike, but when Monica saw the pics of this bike, she was totally sold on it. And was she right! This was EXACTLY what I wanted, although I did not know it at the time. Another bike simply would not have cut it at all for us at this point & time when we've decided to take a little breather from all our outreach activities.

One Sunday, on our way to a nearby dam, we came across a whole bunch of these going in the same direction. We fell in behind them & drove with them most of the way. What a different bunch of bikers altogether, as cool & casual as they come. Following ALL the road rules, keeping to the speed limit. Really, an awesome bunch of folks in no hurry at all, smelling the roses as they go. And the noise from all those John Deere type engines sounding together was really something to behold...

I have in the meantime become just the same with her, cruising merrily at 100km/k on the highway just because it's fun. And us quietly laughing at all the superbikes coming screaming past us, breaking just about every traffic rule there is.

I experience the same on my daily trip to work & back - even the small Nippi scooters "screaming" (ha ha ha) by on the white line & forcing themselves into any small opening in the traffic they can find. And all this time I just cruise happily behind the vehicle directly in front of me. Yes, she's a beast to keep upright in stop/start traffic with a pax on board, but once going she's as tame as they come. And I really enjoy her complete unrefineness. She's certainly no racer in any way or form. I DID however see someone wheelie the newer 2liter version at the dam...what a sight & sound!

Yes, she's certainly also no fuel saver with the same consumption as most cars. So we use her for fun only & not for economy...

We are really having a BLAST with her, and EVERY Saturday & Sunday we have breakfast at a different place. Soon, we intend taking her firstly for a trip to the Lowveld (500 km) & then to the South Coast (750 km) & maybe later even down to the West Coast (1800 km)... She really opens a complete new lifestyle for us & it's a lot of fun, to say the least. We are once again looking forward to our weekends in great anticipation!

Anyway, keep well all my friends,




Make sure you'll fly forever!