The engine gave in. Two heads cracked, two sleeves cracked, one conrod bent, pistons broken, valves bent. We were driving on the open road when she just cut out, like if the ignition was disconnected. No noises of any sorts. I thought it was something minor, instead it turned out to be major indeed. And I always drove her gently, no hard driving of any sorts.

Because over here the Rover is imported, I was quoted half what I payed for her to get her fixed. I'm afraid we no longer have our mercy vehicle that went where very few Landrovers go.

When we opened up our sound trailer for the first time in four months over the weekend, my big bass bins fell apart. They got damp. Those speakers are the very heart of our sound system... I have to replace those now.

Giving to the poor is an extremely unthankfull business. If I tell you about the financial losses & frustrations we've suffered, especially during the previous two months, I make you a solemn promise that you will not believe me. It reads like some horror fairy tale. The above are just two minor incidents.

But we'll continue. Some time or other someone with the means will take note of us just as we take note of & care for others. This is a promise that we received from Him. And I think the time is getting ripe for that.

Anyway, enough sulking. Thanks for enquiring my friend.

All the best,


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