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"If I were a rich man" . . . I'd see that you got your new rig!

Hi all,

DonM my friend, how I wish for you to become rich soon! smile smile smile

Tx for the reply Tony!

*** But now, enough about us!!! I'd like for some of you to open up a bit & show us part of your lives as well, especially the arranger part of it. ***

Come on Tonewheeldude, show us a little more than just that fantastic car of yours smile smile smile I see you also like caravaning. Did a lot of that & boating at one stage in my life. How I long for those days & also the flying part of it... You know the saying: One does not stop playing because one gets old, rather one gets old because one stops playing!

Please remember to resize your pics to 800 x 600 before attaching.

Keep well all my friends,

Make sure you'll fly forever!