No, not yet. I must take my boxes apart. Maybe the speakers are still okay & then all I need are new wooden boxes. I really hope this is the case as the amp, xover & mixer are still working fine. Also, luckily the two Fane speaker boxes seem to be okay.

Our sound was pathetic this weekend and I miss our bass bins.

We left our house last year to go & live right next to a 3 500 resident squatters camp to minister to those. To do so, we had to live for six months in an extremely vandalized house without any water pipes or electrical cables. We spent the whole of winter without water or electricity.

Since then, the sound trailer had to stay outside, even in the rain and now this is the result of that. Luckily we are once again living in a decent house and everything is once again well protected against the elements.

As for the Rover - yes, you are most probably right. But we've learned not to cry over spilled beans. We carry on. Sooner or later we'll have a decent vehicle again. In the meantime, the small Opel will have to do what the Rover used to do. Our sound trailer is small, but with the power generator compact & heavy & I will not attempt towing it for a great distance with the Opel. So for the time being we are focusing on the immediate area around us.

Keep well my friend,

Make sure you'll fly forever!