If you have a Checksum error, perform the following to reload the FLASH in that particular chip (which for some reason has gone 'bizar').

* Turn on your AUDYA.
* When it boots, press DISK to display the HD contents.
* Create a TEMP folder where you will be copying files into (shown below).
* After creating the TEMP folder, Scroll down to the file "9708f1av00.sam and press ENTER to load it. This prepares AUDYA to load the relative FLASH file next.
* When done, to to the SYSTEM folder and press enter (aknoledge warning by pressing ENTER again).
* Select the FACTORY folder and press ENTER.
* Select the SOUND folder and press ENTER.
* Go to the file "Audb0600.PCM" and highlight. [This is the file associated with the KetA05 chip]. Press DISK MENU and press ENTER to select this file (blue dot next to it).
* Press COPY (F1) to copy this file.
* Go back to temp folder created above and press EXECUTE to paste this file in there.
* Get out of DISK mode.
* Go back into disk and go into the TEMP folder to highlight and press ENTER on this file "Audb0600.PCM" to load it.
* When done, restart AUDYA.


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