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My KB is OK even with an error on chip 02, what TWD is saying is it is a common fault with all KB.


There is not an error with the keyboard, the checksum is fine the problem is the test program needs 'calibrating'.

Dusan, hold down F1 when you turn on your keyboard to enter test mode followed by F5. Then use the F buttons to select the test you want to run.

thank you for sugestion.If I pres F1 for panel test and F2 for DSPO (0708) they work and I can see result of that two test.But,if I pres F3,F4,F5,F&,and F7 kayboard swich to exsact test but after that nothing hapened.Scren after a will not show eny progres or result of particular test.
Dont know if is a right procedur or I must pres some ather butons to see eny progres or result.

Thank you

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