As you know I am not stupid, well nearly not, I don't have a tweek out of my Audya, there were problems in the early days but that is now all behind us. But there are still people with the same age old problems, INT PHASE ERROR, left and right side sound not working and people running CSUM with miss correct match. There must also be other people who are not on SZ who have the same problems, I can't believe they are only SZ users. TWD all I am saying is this, if there are quick fixes like a car known often occurring problems that the Ketron and AJ appear to know about that can help someone why is it not common knowledge. You know of all people TWD, in this day and age no one and I mean no should be able to damage a PC throught the keyboard (save for format drive "C") and likewise no one should be able to damage their musical KB loading or unloading software, they should be bomb proof, I have a Tyros 4 and I know of nothing that Yamaha would not tell you not to do. An update for a fix would be on the Web as and when you need it. I see the problem with Ketron is you are allowed to wander anywhere into the system files and this is where people go into stupid mode. With damaged flash there should be a simple routine, a press of a button 3 times with some warning to reload the flash, I am not even certain if you need any warning loading flash back on should be childs play. BTW is the process AJ is suggesting to this chap correct to reload one chip and is this what he should be doing, the KB has just come back from the dealer.


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